Where McQuarrie Stands on Ajax

Knowing before the vote, not after.  


I feel the Ajax mine proposal is not suitable nor in the long term, economically beneficial for the future well being of Kamloops.  This position on Ajax has been consistent, in the public eye for years and will remain opposed and unchanged.

For over 6 years and in the vacuum created by lack of political will, citizens of Kamloops felt abandoned as they were pitted against each other over this divisive issue. This could have been avoided if there had been clear municipal leadership, a vision and a plan for Kamloops that had diversified and grown our economy over that time.

Instead those years were wasted and for most of them, many on City Council did nothing but wait and avoid answering the difficult questions. We had indecision, waffling, poor judgment and outright avoidance of the issues surrounding the mine.

Where was everyone when we needed leadership in determining a future beyond the short life cycle of the mine? What decisions and ideas were put forward? Who was taking ownership, responsibility and providing leadership?  Why negotiate a compensation agreement in principle when either party would have the right to walk from the agreement if a certificate was ever issued?

Resigning your position on council just before council’s crucial vote on Ajax was avoidance.  Telling people how you would have voted afterwards was following a trend, not leading the way.

So where do candidates for Mayor really stand on the Ajax mine? Is opposition to the mine simply an election time act of political convenience or a clear and steadfast belief?

For years, my stance has been clear and an unequivocal opposed.  You don’t have to guess or wonder if there are hidden agendas, or fence sitting opportunities with my position on the mine.

I take this stand because voters deserve to know before an election, not afterwards.

Whether you are voting for me as your Mayor or for someone else, you can at least do so honestly informed and aware of my position on Ajax.  And that shows you more respect, honesty and trust than you’ve received from some, over the past number of years.