One Year 0% Tax Increase – Naive or A Needed Conversation

I launched my campaign for Mayor with a proposal to freeze taxes for one year.  And while my opponent spent his time ridiculing the proposal and defending his six years of inaction, many others began thinking and wondering.  

Is it possible?  Could it be done?  Is there anything wrong with trying?  What’s wrong with asking?  And while everyone else joined the conversation, he continued to lament, “But it’s too complex for you the taxpayer to understand.”  

It was a don’t challenge me as I know more than you attitude that only served to reinforce an apparent lack of respect for all of us.  

There was a dismissive and condescending attitude that claimed it was naive to pick a number out of the air.  But leaders do, after much thought, pick targets.  It is called setting goals and putting your name to it.  Without a vision and goal you simply continue to go no where. 

I have been called simplistic and unrealistic for daring to set this one year fair taxation target.  For having the nerve to question past administration’s entitlement approach to to-refinance-or-notyour money.  All this, while my opponent continues to defend his years on Council by claiming no one other than himself can fully understand nor appreciate this supposed, very complicated process.  

He feels we have neither the desire nor qualifications for the kind of understanding that only he possesses.  I say, you deserve better than this patronizing approach to taking your money.

My goal of a one year tax freeze amounts to not adding $2.6 million to the total budget of $162 million.  

My opponent voted to spend more than twice that amount on that bottomless KDN real estate pit on 4th and Seymour proclaiming it was the right thing to do.  Yet he feels saving $2.6 million is impossible, simplistic and totally unrealistic.  Why is needless waste of taxpayer money okay but saving an impossibility?

Yes I would be a different kind of Mayor.  A Mayor who sets hard to reach goals.  A Mayor who listens.  A Mayor who respects your opinions.  A Mayor who is not a bureaucrat.  And a Mayor who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions that need asking.