Where McQuarrie Candidate for Mayor Stands On The Performing Arts Centre

Knowing before the vote, not after



The spending referendum on the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) was defeated and our Mayor at the time famously noted, “there is no plan B”. But should there have been a ‘plan B’ or at a minimum, an option to rethink the idea at some later date?

Being Mayor is about leadership, vision and trying to build community ownership of a shared concept benefiting Kamloops now and well into the future.  As such, I’d like to start a conversation on PAC and plan B’s and I’ll get the conversation started by describing one vision I have for a future Performing Arts Centre.

I see it located on the North Shore, at the current Henry Grube site and anchoring the eastern end of a revitalized Tranquille.

Fronted by two rivers with a design that incorporates plazas, river walks and access to the beach, it could become the architectural and cultural icon of the City.

It would feature a theatre that will serve Kamloops for decades to come along with an outdoor amphitheatre for productions like X-Fest or maybe summer evening concerts by the Kamloops Symphony.  And for wintertime, an outdoor family skating rink would fit well with the concept.

I also envision a hotel partner to help share costs.  In fact at times, we could even use the theatre as a small convention centre.  

If I was your Mayor, I’d look to the arts community to lead the way, including a major fundraising campaign that would demonstrate commitment to the project.  In return, I’d like to see the City commit to finding that hotel partner along with one, hopefully two major corporate endowment partners.

Those are the foundational blocks and once we had letters of intent and costs well in hand, I’d be prepared to formally ask the citizens of Kamloops if this is a vision they would like to see become a reality.

Can you begin to imagine such a multi use PAC facility located in one of the most incredible locations in the City?  Imagine for a moment how this would launch a new revitalization for Tranquille and the North Shore.

As your Mayor, I would be so willing to champion this kind of community growth project.

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