The Press Release That Launched The Campaign

Bill McQuarrie Announces Mayoral Campaign

September 30th By-Election

Kamloops BC, August 15, 2017 – This morning, Bill McQuarrie, local columnist, experienced entrepreneur, technology company startup specialist and local businessman, announced his intent to run for Mayor of Kamloops in the September 30th by-election.

To mark the launch of his campaign, Mr. McQuarrie announced a bold and comprehensive initiative aimed squarely at helping the citizens and taxpayer of our City.

“This will be the start of a new way of thinking at City Hall,” stated McQuarrie. “In this case, a total change in the attitude that underlies our taxation and budget planning systems.”

Beginning with the new tax year, McQuarrie’s plan includes a commitment to see a 0% increase in property taxes for 2018.

“It is time”, stated McQuarrie, “that we stop asking the taxpayer, both residential and business, to solve the spending problems of the city. Like many taxpayers, I am frustrated with what has become the accepted norm of regular tax increases of 2.5% every year.”

“If elected Mayor, I will immediately abolish the concept of treating tax increases as an entitlement the City expects year after year.”

McQuarrie explained: “There has been a lack of respect and a failure to recognize our citizens as stakeholders and valued contributors to the success of our city. We need to become more efficient with their dollars by maximizing and leveraging the value of every single dollar given us.”

When asked about the impact this would have on City services, Mr. McQuarrie stated: “It is unfair to suggest to the taxpayer, as some have in the past, that a zero percent increase means reductions in service. What it really means is finding ways to put a greater emphasis on effectively managing expenditures. Please keep in mind, we are not the first city to do this and we don’t have to look any further than, Williams Lake or Nanaimo for examples. It’s not rocket science.”

Mr. McQuarrie feels the City should focus their available resources towards delivery of quality services and programs while looking for ways to eliminate items that do not have a direct benefit to City residents.

‘The City needs to take a more proactive and integrated approach that focuses on growing revenues instead of continually turning to the existing tax base for more money.”

Mr. McQuarrie feels we have some of the best department managers any city could have and that they will confidently and successfully rise to the challenge of maximizing returns on the hard earned dollars of taxpayers.

McQuarrie feels the results will be felt almost immediately and include:

  1. Accountability to the taxpayer
  2. An engaged and knowledgeable taxpayer
  3. Fully itemized budgeting with milestone reporting
  4. A more efficient and cost effective City Hall
  5. Better, forward leaning decisions on spending
  6. The ability to strategically target and focus on real opportunities for growth and development in both investment and jobs.

McQuarrie recognizes that no one likes taxes and accepts that they will never go away. But at the very minimum he feels we need to put in the effort to insure taxes are kept to acceptable levels.

“We can’t sustain city expenditures through unending raids on the taxpayer’s wallet. It’s a plan that is not sustainable, is unfair and needs to stop.

When elected Mayor, my first priorities will be to accept responsibility, do the job you have hired me to do and lead Kamloops into the exciting future it has earned.”

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